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Vespressi – Rental of traditional Vespa scooters

Since 2016 we work with the company “Vespressi” Starnberg together. This beautiful rented Vespa scooter to the Starnberg region with small or bigger excursions to explore. Whether alone, in twos, with or without Hamper, a trip on a Vespa is always worthwhile.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 2 – 82319 Starnberg

Store: +49 (0)8151-1899949
office: +49 (0)8151-1899948
Car: 0171 – 89 28 727
Fax: +49(0)8151-1896168

Mail: info@vespressi.de
Web: vespressi.de

Wellness- and sauna paradise and fitness center

Enjoy high above the rooftops of the city with views of the lake Your very special time in a relaxed, exclusive atmosphere.

• Lounge Bar
• Whirlpool Area
• herbal
• Steam bath
• Biosauna
• Kelosauna

Peter Brunnerstraße 15 – 82319 Starnberg

Detailed information:
Infoline: 08151-72364

Mail: info@thermarium-starnberg.de
Web: thermarium-starnberg.de

Rickshaw rides through Starnberg and beautiful surroundings

Now the time has come, with the onset of summer 2016, now rolled out the first rickshaw through Starnberg roads, willing you to or from the station, Hotel, Dampfersteg, Restaurant, Café, Possenhofen, Museum, pick Rose Island or bring.

Rikscha-Phone: 0176 – 21 24 72 04

Web: rikscha-starnberg.com

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Tel.: +49 (0) 8151 / 27 50

E-mail: info@hbh-starnberg.de

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