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The Starnberger See is one of the foothills of the most important recreational areas. Also called Fürstensee, he is using 21 km long, up to 5 km wide and 127 m depth second largest lake in Bavaria. The lake is also known for its magnificent palaces from earlier times and no less ostentatious mansions of the present. These shape around the lake its appearance.

Although Starnberg is located a stone's throw of Munich and just see where countless sights and attractions, as the Lake Starnberg offers a number of highlights that are worth to visit and to enjoy the charming foothills of the Alps.

Here is a small selection:

For the true connoisseur, a trip around the lake is the ideal choice

Seerundfahrt die ideale WahlThe Bavarian Lakes shipping:

The Rose Island

Insel liegt etwa 170 Meter vom WestuferLocated in the idyllic Lake Starnberg, small island located about 170 Meters from the west bank. In the restored small castle (Casino) be carried out from early summer to autumn weddings regularly.
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Votive chapel

Votiv KapelleThe memory of His Majesty Louis II, King of Bavaria, consecrated, at this point on the 13. June 1886 different from the life.
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sights / Votivkapelle

Kaiserin Elisabeth Museum – King Salon Possenhofen Train

Named in her honor by Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie von Wittelsbach short Sisi, Possenhofen the station was converted into a museum.
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Adelssitz im FünfseenlandThe most famous of the noble seats in Fünfseenland is - thanks to Empress Elisabeth of Austria, alias Sisi - Schloss Possenhofen. Some visitors walk in their footsteps by the former Castle Park.

The Buchheim Museum of Imagination

Buchheim MuseumBernried on Lake Starnberg, more information here:
buchheim museum

Starnberg whitefish & Bavarian way of life

Starnberger Renke & Bayerische LebensartVisit around the lake and enjoy Steckerl to fish and Weisswurscht a mass of fresh beer and the beer gardens.

The Andechs Monastery with its world-famous beers

Andechser Kloster mit seinen weltberühmten Bierenis the oldest shrine in Bavaria and since 1850 Asset of the Benedictine St. Boniface in Munich.

Worth a trip:

Neuschwanstein Castle

Die Burg des MärchenkönigsToday Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles in Europe. About 1,3 Million people visit annually “the castle of the fairy-tale king”.
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Garmisch Zugspitze Railway

Historisches Wahrzeichen der Ingenieurbaukunst in Deutschland2007 the Zugspitze Railway was nominated for the award "Historic Landmark of civil engineering in Germany". One of four still operated cog railways in Germany. Since autumn 2006 drive the two-car train in low and normal customer traffic, the trains back to Garmisch Zugspitze change trains through.
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