The massive construction has probably owed the hotel "Bayerischer Hof" Leo von Klenze, who built the house.
Leo von Klenze Considered one of the most important classical architects. He came especially in his position as court architect of King Ludwig I. of Bavaria importance to.

The first tenants were from the year 1880 John and Theresa Harffen of Bavaria, to the "Gasthof zum Harffen" founded here.

The Empress of Austria, who has spent her childhood in nearby Possenhofen, spent many summers with a large entourage including horses the most prominent guest of this time-honored, good 150 Year old house, already since the 1905 is in possession of the Wittelsbach family.

In possession of the ducal brewery Tegernsee, rehabilitated 1952 the "hotel management company Starnberg" the house thoroughly, without, however, destroying its architecture.

historische Ansicht 1954

Meanwhile, the hotel is owned by the city of Starnberg.
After many visits and several failed attempts is the hotel "Bayerischer Hof" since 1998 listed, inside and out.

Yesterday and Today

  • the current Taverna served as a coal cellar
  • in the vault, the storage was for beer and wine as well as food
  • the cold store behind the hotel was formerly the icehouse - the ice blocks were stored directly from the lake there
  • in the rear building (gr. Gate) the cabs of Sissi and King Louis were housed, the groom lived directly above the stable
  • Café Prinzregent was used as a storeroom and was to 1990 rebuilt to today's Café Prinzregent.

Since the year 2004 The hotel has been lovingly restored.

From 1984 bis November 2009 Rudolf Gaugg was the tenant of this historic house.
Since December 2009 is the Managing Director, Nicolas Schrogl, The new tenant of the hotel.

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