“Cuban painting meets Bavarian Monument”

am 27. & 28. August 2017

On this occasion, the Cubans “Cespedes Osmiel Elizarde” some of his PICTURES in our “Sisi room” and offers the same on purchasing (at least one terrific new addition there will be, we look forward!)

Dear guests and friends of the house,

Hotel Bayerischer Hof Starnberg and cafe Prince Regent presented:



A touch of Caribbean life in Starnberg

The love of art discovered by the Cuban painter Osmiel Cespedes Elizarde already in early childhood. Born on the 13. June 1987 in San Nicolas de Bari, the village in the province of Havana, Cuba, he began at the tender age of 5 to carve sculptures from years Jobo Wood. Aged 9 Years he turned into a passion, do not let go him to this day: the painting.

His mother, a much appreciated doctor, earned him the nickname "Docto". An artist name, accompanies his images to eternity.

This ability is reflected in his unconventional style and is present in all his works. Nothing at all seems to want to follow in the life of this artist a known pattern. Already with 13 He won his first art competition and began marketing his art.

2011 followed international breakthrough: “Learned” presented some of his works in Miami on the first international exhibition of Cuban art.

In summer 2015 took the artist to a Cuban music event Timmendorfer beach part and placed there his works with Net. Now he wins the South German with its playful and Caribbean lifestyle, which is also in his paintings reflect for themselves. Familiarize yourself with us your own image.

Am 27.08.2017-28.08.2017 , the exhibition of his works in our rooms, im “Hotel Bayerischer Hof” in the room “Side” , Station Square 12, 82319 Starnberg instead of.

The artist himself will naturally also be on hand.

Or have a look under: www.cuban-arts.com

In between, we are happy to welcome you in our cafe on a delicious cup of coffee or…



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